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Detox Therapy

Detox Therapy

I have researched and developed the formulated mix with the purest quality of essential oils. All these
essential oils have natural antiseptic, antibiotic and anti – inflammatory properties.
For me, the sense of smell has always been very important .The sense of smell is part of
Aromatherapy as much as the external application of a product.

Using the purest essential oils blended and base butters and oils which also contain benefits with
their traces of vitamins and minerals, giving a perfect therapeutic intensity to these products. Also a
perfect base for the Aromas to project their notes:

· Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter will rejuvenate and soothe the skin,
· Soya is very nourishing and quickly absorbed
· Sweet Almond will revitalize

The unique 100 % pure products can be used as a therapeutic massage treatment.
Warm up the product before use before the application on the skin. The first thing that you will take in
is the aroma through your sense of smell.
For people with allergies to essential oils or pregnant women we would advise not to use the product
on the skin but to benefit from it by simply keeping the jar open in a room.
With every breath, we carry fragrant molecules into our noses. Our olfactory systems are constantly
receiving messages.

Research verifies that certain mixed aroma ingredients can:
· Reduce stress and help sleep
· Promote relaxation and relieve anxiety
· Promote energy and stimulate

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