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About Us

About Us

G Biotech Sdn Bhd


G Biotech Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian base company engaged in research, manufacture and distribution of cosmoceuticals and biotechnology “green” products. We produced first in the world –Cocoa Butter base thermal cosmetic candle – a blends of natural butter, vegetable oil and essential oil. The Award winning product, massage oil candle which follow Europe INCI standard, 100% natural and 100% food grade which is pure and natural skin care product for SPA.

G Biotech's cosmetic candles are manufacture using the finest materials with stringent manufacturing process. We have nearly a decade of experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on our innovative products, superior back end technology and reliable customer service. G Biotech is truly a market leader in innovation that our success internationally. The company was Awarded the Innovative Award of Industry Excellence Award 2010, Malaysia.


The greatest innovation in the spa and massage industry today is the all in one edible massage candle”


G Biotech's massage candles differ greatly from the traditional wax candles and other natural candles. Our massage candles are specifically made for use on the body. Therefore they are cocoa butter based, melting at a safe, sensual and warm 41 degrees celsius. In addition to the clean-burning, eco-friendly natural ingredients found in our massage candles, we offer proprietary blend of exotic oils to allow for a smooth massage while providing numerous antioxidant benefits. Our blend of cocoa butter with emollient-rich jojoba oil heals and protects the skin, while apricot, wheatgerm and avocado oils provide vitamin E and many additional unique antioxidants. Hemp seed oil is a rare but extraordinarily beneficial oil found in our candles. Hemp seed oil is one of the few oils containing omega 3, 6, and 9 that is easily absorbed into skin. The combination of these incredible oils not only benefits the skin with soothing health giving anti-aging properties but they also leave a long-lasting scent that will create a memorable experience.


Just light it up, watch it melt, inhale your favorite aroma as you massage it into any part of the body and experience the warm natural goodness reach deep into your stressed zones. Then relish and savor the sheer bliss as the oil is absorbed into your skin, leaving it smooth, radiant and supple.


G Biotech Sdn Bhd`s team as been in the beauty and spa's products research and development since 2000. We produced the first in the world, purely cocoa butter base cosmetic candle and range of fruit flavoured Edible Massage Oil Candle. These technological advances we are proud to say makes our products “Award Winning”.


Our strategy and focuses are on agro-industrial research and sustainable development of natural resources with emphasis on cosmoceuticals, biotechnology, bio-extraction of nutraceuticals, essential oils, herbals and natural products.

Our goal is to keep abreast of the latest science and technology developments through the establishment of linkages through local, and international regional Science and Technology research.


To establish G Biotech as a primary source for green innovation technologies products for Malaysia and the World.


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